September 30th, 2016

Location : Côté Lac

2 quai de Paris, 67300 Schiltigheim


18 Keynote speakers/11 Countries

What's about event / whats going on there come and learn

Dear Friends,

We are proud to invite you for our 2nd BREAST LIPOFILLING INTERNATIONAL COURSE in Strasbourg, the capital of Europe. All the most famous international speakers will be there. The past meeting has been a real success. And this year we will continue in this way with the lastest fat grafting trends into the breast. As you know, breast surgery for reconstruction or for aesthetic is a field in a whole expansion. Our results have been really improved with the fat grafting in the breast. Lipofilling has been a revolution, and it is now the most important step to get long standing and natural results. This year, we will discuss about lipofilling and topics :

  • - Technique with surgery video
  • - Breast reconstruction aspects
  • - Aesthetic surgery and malformation improvement
  • - Imagery screening and follow-up rules
  • - Oncological aspects and precautions
  • - National Health Recommandations
  • - Histological and stem cells studies

Every keynote speaker will discuss with you and answer to your questions. We will give you trips and tricks for a better comprehension of the technique and indications. They will be useful for your daily activity, in a friendly and open course that will finish with a french wine degustation and gala dinner.

Christophe Ho Quoc
Jean-Marc Piat


13h30 – Welcome to participants
14h00 - Part 1 : What is the best way to prepare the fat for your daily lipofilling activity ?
Moderators : Jean-Yves PETIT (Italy) and Jean-Marc PIAT (France)

15h00 - Part 2 : Lipofilling to improve the breast reconstruction
Moderators : Christophe HO QUOC (France) and Jorge BIAZUS (Brasil)

16h30 - Part 3 : Lipofilling for native breast (aesthetic and malformations)
Moderators : Hong YUAN LI (China) and Vincenzo GIOVINAZZO (France)

17h30 - - Part 4 : Stem cells and oncologial aspects, what are the recommandations in 2016 ?
Moderators : Jean-Yves PETIT (Italy) and Philippe LIEGEOIS (France)

18h30 : CONCLUSIONS and lipofilling integration in your daily activity

20h00 : Gala dinner and Wine degustation 

Conference Program

13:30 - Welcome to participants

Take home message and Conclusions

Lipofilling during Reverse Expansion

Lipofilling prior for difficult cases

Lipofilling exclusive for reconstruction

Coffee Break

Breast imagery before AND after lipofilling

Lipofilling for breast malformations

Contralateral lipofilling for symmetry after reconstruction

Lipofilling into the breast in Asia

National Health Recommandations on lipofilling 

18:30 - CONCLUSIONS and lipofilling integration in your daily activity

18:45 - End of scientific program and Gala dinner

Keynote Speakers

Christophe Ho Quoc


Plastic surgeon with very important clinical experience on breast lipofilling for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, he has been performed in France during 7 years, and then he travelled in USA, South America and China to improve his knowledge. He has been reach Professor in 2015 in Paragay. He has published a lot international articles in reference journals and also book chapters in French, English and Spanich. He is chairman of the meeting.

Jean Marc Piat


Breast surgeon and Professor, he has developed lipofilling for breast reconstruction in Strasbourg for many years. His works on TRAM flap and expansion in breast reconstruction for 25 years are his competence fields that are developed in the world. He has improved TRAM flap technique with artery embolization to reduce the risk of necrosis. He has been trained by Pr Lejour for many years. He is chairman of the meeting.

Jean Yves Petit


Professor of Plastic Surgery, he works at the Oncological European Institute of Milan. He has taught lipofilling to a lot of international residents. With his team, he has published international articles specially on oncological aspects, stem cells, and safety precautions with lipofilling into the breast. He is one of the committee organization member.

Vincenzo Giovinazzo


Plastic surgeon, he has worked in England, Brazil and Italy. He learnt lipofilling surgery for the breast in every country and he practices nowdays in International Breast Institute of Strasbourg. He has published articles on BRCA oncogenetic risk and lipofilling. He is one of the committee organization member.

Mariza Salgarello


Professor of Plastic Surgery in Roma, she his famous in Italy for her original concept of fat harvesting for lipofilling. She has also worked on PRP/ stem cells for lipofilling with international publications. She is one of the committee organization member.

Gustavo Zucca Matthes


He is one of the most experienced breast surgeon in Brazil, he practices in Barretos Hospital. He is famous for his lipofilling and implant reconstruction activity. He also organized training course on breast reconstruction and lipofilling for south america residents. He is one of the committee organization member.

Hong Yuan Li


Professor in oncologic and reconstructive breast surgery, he practices in one of most important center of China (First University Hospital Chongqing directed by Pr Ren Guoshen). He has developped in China the lipofilling concept with course for surgeons and residents every year. There was more than 1300 participants in his last meeting in April 2016 He is one of the committee organization member.

Norbert Heine


Plastic surgeon, he practices in Regensburg and has a lot of breast reconstruction experience. He is famous for lipofilling as a regenerative therapy for breast and published articles on that field. He is one of the committee organization member.

Jorge Biazus


Professor in plastic surgery, he is one of the most experienced breast surgeon in Porto Alegre, he his famous for his one-stage lipofilling technique during tumorectomy. He will discuss about results, reliability and oncological aspects of the technique. He published articles on this lipofilling concept. He is one of the committee organization member.

Julie Lechner Goyault


Radiologist, her works on lipofilling and breast imagery screening pre and postoperatory are important for the surgeon before the procedure. Pictures and consensus rules are useful before lipofilling procedure to avoid complications during the follow-up.

Damin Shin

South Korea

Professor in medicine, she has been perfomed in reference centers in Korea and China. She has worked about health quality improvement after surgery and specially after lipofilling. She will explain how we can reduce pain and ecchymosis after surgery with oriental medicine.

Visnu Lohsiriwat


Plastic surgeon, he practices in one of most important center of Thailand (Siriraj Hospital). His field of academic research are Adipose tissue engineering and Fat grafting for breast reconstruction. He is also famous for his work about lipofilling and skin sparing mastecomy. He is one of the committee organization member.



Breast surgeon in private practice , she has developped reverse expansion technique with lipofilling for Breast resconstruction. She is one of the scientific committee organization member.

Marwan Abboud


Plastic surgeon, he practices in Brussels and has a lot of breast reconstruction experience. He has been trained by Pr Lejour for many years in Belgium. He has worked on breast lipofilling and also published articles on massive fat grafting with specific indications.

Rene v/d Hulst


Breast surgeon, he is the head of a national prospective study about lipofilling in 7 hospital in Europe. He will present results of the study for the first time. We will discuss of the advancement of lipofilling in Europe throught his work. He is one of the committee organization member.

Luciano Vidal


Plastic surgeon, he has been trained in Buenos Aires specially for breast surgery. He has worked in stem cells research to understand how to improve fat grafting into the breast. He will explain in a simple way stem cells : viability, function and development.



Breast surgeon in the Breast Center in Strasbourg , he has a lot of exeprience with implant and lipofilling for Breast resconstruction. He also practices oncologic and oncoplastic surgery. He is one of the scientific committee organization member.

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